SV IGDA Game Demo Night Wednesday September 24, 2008

Event: Silicon Valley International Game Developers Association (SV IGDA) Game Demo Night

When: Wednesday September 24, 2008 7pm – 10pm. 

Where:  Cogswell Polytechnical College in the Dragons Den Auditorium

What:  Game Demo Night is a evening where new and upcoming games and game tools are presented, after which the audience has a chance to interact with and give feedback to presenters and check out many of the demos.  Of additional fun and benefit will be hearing about the wide range of game approaches and experiences.   Developers range through creative college students, the untamed wild of small independents, to well established larger companies.  Presentations are concise game and tool overviews. 


Dave Georgeson
of Gaia Online presents their upcoming flash based MMO
Simon Amarasingham of dSonic presents an adaptive music demo with Unreal Tournament

Brody Brooks of Cogswell Game Developer’s Club presents Beat Down Bob
Autodesk demonstrates their latest 3d animation tool revs
Kurt Larson of Slipgate Ironworks presents
the Generative Adaptive Music System (GAMS) for MMO’s
Paul Manwell of PX interactive presents the NetDog Networking engine for MMO’s
Don McClure of Digital Element, Inc. and Rajan Singh of ToneThis present ZorkSMS on a cellphone
John Lovell and Jack Norton of East Bay University demonstrates combArt, an experimental game of Art
Brian Alexakis of UCSC will share adventures on the path from game idea to Sony PSP

Sponsors: Autodesk(refreshment sponsor), Cogswell Polytechnical College (Auditorium Sponsor)

For Directions Click Here

Organizers and Volunteers — Thank you!

Bonnie Phelps– Dean Institutional Advancement Cogswell Polytechnical College

Ken Humphries — Video Camera Sorcerer, SVIGDA Advisor

Liran Nuna — Website Admin thanks for installing our new site!

Albert Chen — SVIGDA Cogswell Polytechnical College Contact

Eric Jingles, Melody Schaeffer — Publicity and Presenter Recruitment

Ray Almeda and Mathew Philips of Nelson Staffing— Publicity and Flyers at local companies thanks!

Rob Chaitin – Student Life Coordinator — Publicity flyers at Cogswell

Marvin Aragon, Evan Peebles, Andrey Fedin — Equipment Gurus at Cogswell

Rudrasen, Joline Chew– General Volunteers yay!

Ann Burkett- SVIGDA Chapter Coordinator and Event Instigator

wanna get involved in our next one?  — email me and/or join our google group

Posted: Wednesday, August 27th, 2008 @ 2:05 pm
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