E3 for Free? Two upcoming SV IGDA and IGDA Discounts

Upcoming Discount #1: For the Silicon Valley Fundraising event “Building a Better Startup”, there is a Discount code for you to use:
Enter SVF_GAME for $15 at http://svf0412.eventbrite.com/?ref=ecal

Upcoming Discount #2 If you are a member of the IGDA you can use that as one piece of info to gain FREE entrance at the famous E3 Expo, after April 25 it’s 20% off, see http://www.igda.org/e3expo2011

Not a member of the IGDA? Well if you are usually planning to go to either E3 (or GDC either) it doesn’t make much sense not to be so join here http://www.igda.org/

Posted: Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 @ 12:37 pm
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