Don McClure of Digital Element, Inc. and Rajan Singh of ToneThis present ZorkSMS on a cellphone

1) Zork SMS is a new way to play the industry-classic game Zork – on your cell phone through text messaging.  Zork SMS plays like Zork, with allowable abbreviations and next-messaging to accommodate text message limitations. ZorkSMS will be demonstrated by Don McClure, President of Digital Element, Inc. and Rajan Singh, President and Founder of ToneThis.

2) Zork SMS is the first game to be implemented in a text wrapper created by Gamechalk that is designed to play treat any text-based game as a black box and wrap SMS conventions, modifying inputs and outputs, including sub-textgame-states such as parts of messages over 120 chars. The goal is to use the GameChalk wrapper to bring text-based games back to life on the cell phone without having to rewrite the games from scratch.

During the presentation there may be a momentary interuption of power.  It may get pitch black, in which case, you are likely to be eaten by a grue